Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions and Agent Vi Announce Product Integration

Panasonic high-end i-PRO EXTREME fixed dome/box cameras are enabled with Agent Video Intelligence’s advanced video analytics for event detection and data extraction from surveillance footage

Japan & Tel Aviv, 20 November, 2019 – Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd., leading the global security industry for over 60 years, and Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™), the leading global provider of video analytics solutions, today announced that the companies have successfully completed the integration of Agent Vi’s savVi™ video analytics solution on Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions’ high end i-PRO EXTREME cameras.

savVi boasts a set of advanced, automated tools for the immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage, replacing the time-consuming, laborious, and costly tasks of manually monitoring live video feeds and reviewing recorded video. Available from one comprehensive platform, savVi offers real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications.

Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME cameras capture clear images under extreme conditions, making them perfectly suited to Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions. Indeed, savVi delivers highly accurate detections, and even withstands extreme or problematic environments such as substandard lighting, inclement weather, obscured fields of view, occluded lenses, etc.

The integrated solution allows Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME camera users to deploy Agent Vi’s video analytics in an optimal setup that minimizes hardware requirements and eases deployment. savVi’s Vi-Agent component is embedded in the Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME camera allowing pre-processing on the camera, thereby reducing server-side processing and enabling support for hundreds of cameras per typical server. Among other benefits, this enables the Panasonic cameras with simultaneous use of the full range of savVi’s video analytics capabilities.

Sumio Yokomitsu, Strategic Planning Director of Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions said, “As the security industry’s needs become more diversified, we’re strengthening cooperation with solution partners. Accordingly, we are happy to announce the partnership with Agent Vi who offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the industry.”

Zvika Ashani, CTO of Agent Vi said, “We see strong demand for Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions combined with Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME cameras from various verticals, such as City Surveillance and Government Facilities. Now, more and more end users are able to enjoy the benefits of using Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions’ superior cameras with savVi’s comprehensive range of high-precision video analytics, providing an optimal solution for high-end public safety installations.”

The full list of supported Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME cameras can be found here.

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