Project Description

Community-based Anti-Crime Initiative Leverages Agent Vi’s Remote Guarding SaaS to Boost Security and Revenue

“This is the best analytics product we’ve seen. Almost all of the alerts we receive are accurate. It’s astounding. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

COO, Community Active Protection (CAP)


Community Active Protection (CAP) was founded as a non-profit organization in 2006 in response to the high levels of crime plaguing the city of Johannesburg. CAP has taken a proactive approach to crime prevention, recruiting highly capable teams to patrol streets, and motivating citizens to report suspicious activity to its state-of-the-art Command Center. CAP also owns and operates an off-site monitoring service that uses privately-owned cameras connected to the CAP network. CAP sought an intrusion detection solution for this service, to increase the level of protection and response offered to their customers.


CAP deployed the innoVi Remote Guarding software as a service (SaaS) to receive accurate and automatic detections of security breaches at the remote sites. Cameras at these sites are connected to the service via innoVi Edge, a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi’s powerful video analytics, where the initial video analysis is performed. CAP defines events of interest; when innoVi detects such events, it sends an alert to the Command Center, along with an event clip providing video verification of the security breach. Operators can quickly review the clip and decide on the best course of action.


CAP is highly satisfied with innoVi’s technology, performance and business model. innoVi is camera-agnostic, able to connect through innoVi Edge to any ONVIF/RTSP IP camera, with no need to replace existing cameras, leading to a savings in time and money. In addition, the recurring monthly revenue (RMR) model is enabling CAP to add innoVi to existing and new CCTV deployments, while keeping operational costs low and under control. In line with its proactive approach, CAP has begun to employ Agent Vi’s Deep Learning-driven Anomaly Detection capability which can identify and alert to “unusual” events without pre-configuration.