Project Description

Agent Vi’s Retail Solution Maximizes Business & Marketing Opportunities for Carillon City Shopping Centre

“The ability to accurately see where and what people are doing throughout the mall gives management a greater capacity to cater for customer and tenant needs… Agent Vi’s retail analytics delivers a significant amount of data on customer behavior, which has proven to be of great importance to our marketing and operations departments… The investigation capabilities of the software were an added value for us, allowing our security officers to manage security and safety incidents in real-time.”

Operations Manager, Carillon City shopping centre


Located in Perth, Australia, Carillon City shopping centre offers 11,760 square meters of a vibrant retail experience, with over 130 specialty stores. Carillon City sought to gain a greater understanding of customer traffic, to share such information with their 130+ tenants and grasp the impact of their marketing campaigns. Their main concern was understanding the exact number of visitors overall, as well as the breakdown of customers per hour, day and more.


Agent Vi’s retail solution was deployed, integrated with Ocularis video management system from OnSSI, allowing for analysis of video feeds from the 80+ cameras on site. Carillon City employs Agent Vi’s people counting capability for accurate footfall statistics, Heat Map & Site Map to understand “hot zones”, Target Path to identify dominant customer traffic paths, Advanced Statistical Tool for comprehensive statistics reports about customer activity, and forensic investigation capabilities for rapid investigations of security incidents.


A wide range of analytics features were introduced, helping management to better understand customer activity, measure the impact of marketing campaigns and provide important feedback for tenants (retailers). The footfall data provides management with accurate visitor numbers to pass on to tenants, helping to support ROI decisions of existing/potential tenants. Agent Vi’s retail solution also serves important security needs, with the forensic investigation tool used to locate lost/missing children in the mall.