Project Description

Agent Vi’s Video Analytics Enable Increased Security, Faster Investigations, Better Traffic Management & Proactive Policing in Pune, India

“Agent Vi’s video analytics have improved surveillance operations as unviewed cameras are automatically monitoring and alerting for exceptional behavior.”

CEO, Integrated Solutions Group, Allied Digital


Although one of India’s safest cities, the City of Pune remains at risk for potential theft and crime, as well as being one of India’s most traffic-congested cities. Prior to the deployment of a new city surveillance system, action and response were delayed, traffic was not monitored properly, and investigative personnel costs were high. The Pune City Police Department sought a solution to streamline video monitoring and review by enabling operators to receive automatic alerts, respond quickly and investigate incidents efficiently.


Systems integrator Allied Digital installed a state-of-the-art surveillance system at the city’s new Command and Control Center with Verint VMS integrated with GIS/GPS, LPR, and Agent Vi video analytics. 1,320 fixed IP cameras in key city locations were enabled with savVi’s Real-Time event detection capabilities to alert immediately upon detecting traffic violations and unusual crowd behaviors, as well as with video search for rapid post-event investigations.


The effect of using Agent Vi’s video analytics was felt almost immediately, as it enabled PCS operators to receive automatic, real-time alerts for security breaches and unusual behaviors such as loitering, crowding, and unattended objects. In addition, within a year, the city benefited from revenue on traffic tickets, with video analytics playing a crucial role in detecting infractions. Human resources are now deployed more effectively, with video analytics used to investigate cases of theft, burglary and homicide.