Project Description

Vicente Lopez control room

Agent Vi’s Video Analytics Enable Proactive Crime Prevention and Smart Decision Making at Vicente López

“We’ve adapted our protocols to respond more accurately to the alerts issued by the video analytics system, allowing for immediate responses that, in turn, improve crime prevention.”

Undersecretary of Security at the Department of Security, Municipality of Vicente López


To achieve its goal of becoming a Safe & Smart City, Vicente López sought a surveillance solution to derive real value from recorded video, including video analytics to help reduce crime and increase public safety through proactive measures.


Agent Vi’s video analytics solution was installed at the city’s Urban Monitoring Center, offering a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools enabling real-time event detection, video search, and business intelligence.


Implementation of video analytics has brought about significant, positive changes: real-time alerts act to detect crimes, video search enables rapid post-event investigation, and BI statistical data enhances Smart City operations.