Project Description

Agent Vi’s innoVi Helps Remote Guarding Station, Eyeforce, to Detect Intruders, Prevent Damage and Losses

“The detection accuracy and false alarm rate is one of the best that I have seen to date. We are constantly testing and searching for the best video intrusion detection products out there, and innoVi sets the bar very high.”

CEO, Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions


Eyeforce is a Remote Guarding Station headquartered in Houston, TX, USA. As a veteran service provider since 1997, many of Eyeforce’s legacy sites were sending alerts via older methods like outdoor PIR and/or beam detectors, and basic video motion detection, resulting in a high level of false alarms. Eyeforce sought a video analytics solution with both high accuracy and low complexity, to enable optimal detection of perimeter breaches and suspicious behavior at dealers’ sites.


Eyeforce deployed innoVi for Central Monitoring at dozens of remote sites, with the cameras innoVi-enabled in minutes by connecting them to innoVi Edge – a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi software – which resides at the remote site. Each camera was defined with specific detection rules, ranging from perimeter breach and sterile zone monitoring applications for people and vehicles, to detection of stopped vehicles and loitering. The rules are activated according to user-defined schedules.


innoVi’s high probability of detection (POD) and low false alarm rate (FAR) impacted Eyeforce’s business immediately. More accurate, reliable alerts enable Eyeforce to offer a more consistent high-end monitoring service. Multiple arrests have been made and dozens of thefts have been averted. The fact that innoVi detected the intruders in the approach zone or at the entrance to the sites, allowed for quick action by Eyeforce, and the avoidance of substantial damage / theft.