Project Description

Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions serve important security and safety applications for the retail sector, while also providing data and information for effective strategic planning and deployment of resources, enhanced store operations and efficiency, better store flow and performance, effective promotional campaigns, reduced operational costs and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Count shoppers entering and leaving a store to determine store occupancy for more accurate conversion rate and employee shift optimization
  • Identify customer traffic paths and high density areas to pinpoint premium positioning within the store layout and the most appropriate locations for in-store promotional campaigns
  • Use multi-camera forensic analysis to identify areas that do not attract customer traffic allowing subsequent optimization of store layout to best satisfy customers and drive sales
  • Monitor queue time for cash register efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Detect loitering in areas of interest, including areas with high-value goods
  • Detect unauthorized access around loading docks, warehouses, stock rooms
  • Detect vehicles parked in loading docks
  • Analyze traffic patterns in parking lots and garages
  • Detect camera blocking, tampering, or out of service cameras
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