Project Description

Agent Vi Helps RTAF Detect and Alert to Persons in Aircraft-Only Zones

“We needed the highest performance real-time analytics solution due to the sensitive nature of the site. After thorough research and investigations, we chose Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution, recognizing its robust performance in difficult conditions.”

Director of Security Division, RTAF Directorate of Intelligence


Don Muang Air Base, adjacent to Bangkok’s International Airport, is the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) main operating and command base. The RTAF sought a real-time video analytics solution to detect human movement on the landing strip while ignoring aircraft movement, and to detect stationary vehicles in the no-stopping zones around the airport’s perimeter fence.


Some 32 channels were enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert capabilities, providing the RTAF with superior detection capabilities for the Don Muang Air Base. Automatic rules were enabled to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel entering and moving freely in restricted areas (landing strips) and to detect vehicles that stop in no-stopping zones near the base’s perimeter.


Agent Vi’s analytics has greatly enhanced the level of security available at Don Muang Air Base. Rather than observing monitors and occasionally detecting suspicious incidents, the security staff focuses on responding to the security breaches following automatic detections and alerts. The automatic detections are made under challenging environmental conditions including lack of lighting, and significant distance between camera and detection area.