Project Description

Agent Vi Monitors Stephen S. Wise Temple & Schools’ Perimeter

“Agent Vi offers a fantastic technology, enabling us to cover more ground and make our campus safer. Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution allows for a more effective and efficient utilization of staff, as our security guards receive alerts and then deal with the incidents, rather than sitting in the Security Operations Center and simply watching the video stream in the hope of spotting security breaches.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen S. Wise Temple and Schools


Stephen S. Wise Temple and Schools, one of the largest American, Reform Jewish congregations with close to 1,700 children in its schools, has a campus encompassing an Early Childhood Center, an Elementary School, a Religious School, and two additional campuses housing its High School and Middle School. It is imperative to keep track of movement in critical areas of this large campus, so that the security team can identify security or safety incidents as they emerge, and effectively deploy and respond.


The Temple and Schools have taken a proactive approach in deploying a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, and Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software is an integral part of the system. The security staff is alerted to threats and security breaches on the campus as they unfold, allowing for instant responses and deployment of staff as necessary. The video analytics has been integrated into the surveillance infrastructure, which is overseen by a 24-hour Security Operations Center.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution significantly enhances the level of campus security. Agent Vi’s software has detected a number of instances where individuals have entered unauthorized areas. In these cases, security staff has been able to address the breaches immediately. Furthermore, the automatic detections reduce the need for constant observation of the live video stream, and as a result, fewer people can effectively monitor a far greater number of locations, greatly reducing operational costs while improving security.