Project Description

Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions serve mass transportation hubs such as airports, seaports, bus terminals and train and metro stations, helping them to effortlessly pinpoint security breaches, alert to safety hazards, protect valuable assets, provide data to enhance operational efficiency and offer powerful forensic analysis capabilities.

  • Detect passenger density and crowding on train and metro platforms
  • Detect unauthorized access on tracks and tunnels, runways, depots or fenced perimeters
  • Detect afterhours access or vagrancy on platforms
  • Monitor vehicle counts and traffic patterns at parking lots and garages
  • Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry into secure zones
  • Detect objects left unattended in sensitive areas
  • Detect motion against the approved traffic flow
  • Detect stopped vehicles in no stopping zones

  • Detect camera blocking, tampering, or out of service cameras

  • Detect vehicles stalled or purposefully stopped on train tracks or in other time-sensitive or restricted zones or emergency lanes

  • Use rapid, multi-camera search to improve situational awareness capabilities during emergency response situations

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