Project Description

Agent Vi Cuts Investigation Times & Enhances Security at

Tulsa University

“The real-time detections, together with the automatic search which makes searching across a wide expanse and numerous cameras so simple, responded to our needs. Combined with the high detection success and low false alarm rate, we have greatly improved our level of security and become much more efficient in the field of investigating surveillance video.”

Assistant Director of Security Technology & Card Services, Tulsa University


The University of Tulsa (TU) offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to nearly 5,000 students. With multiple buildings and facilities across the campus, TU sought a surveillance solution that would monitor key areas and protect valuable artwork, among other assets. The security team specifically wanted the ability to quickly search through recorded video to identify events of interest.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection and Video Search software are deployed at TU, integrated with hundreds of network cameras from Axis Communications. All the cameras feed to a central dispatch room manned 24/7 by security operators. The site employs OnSSI’s Ocularis CS as the VMS, and detections of suspicious objects, perimeter intrusions, sterile zone breaches and other security events generate an alert in Ocularis Client.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection software transformed the surveillance system into a proactive tool that alerts security operators when an artwork is tampered with, or a suspicious object is left behind. Instant video notification enables security staff to view the event and dispatch an officer accordingly. TU also employs Agent Vi’s Video Search to reduce time spent searching through recorded video during time-sensitive investigations.