Project Description

Agent Vi Protects Large, Remote Solar Farms Against Intrusion and Theft

“We were pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits of IP surveillance over analog systems. The use of thermal cameras with Agent Vi’s real-time analytics software is especially appropriate, as our large sites do not have lighting and are difficult to guard. We have peace of mind with this sophisticated solution that protects our investment.”

Project Manager, Wirsol Solar UK


Wirsol Solar UK is a globally active company with multiple solar farms throughout the UK. They sought an affordable surveillance solution for four 5-megawatt solar farms, each measuring some 200,000 square meters. Specifically, Wirsol wanted to prevent intruders from entering and stealing the highly valuable solar panels, and faced challenging conditions at the sites, including extensive perimeters that are unmanned, not illuminated, and situated in remote, rural locations.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was deployed, integrated with thermal network cameras from Axis Communications. The combined solution enabled the creation of a protective zone around the perimeter fence to detect intruders by day or night, regardless of whether they climbed over the fence, under the fence, or even cut directly through the fence. All perimeter intrusions detected generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution has detected multiple instances of intruders at the solar farm sites, generating an alarm which is viewed by a security guard at a remote monitoring station. The guard makes an announcement via the speakers at the site to warn off the intruder, and if necessary, instructs police to attend the site. The solution successfully differentiates between irrelevant movement and genuine perimeter breaches, ensuring a very low false alarm rate (FAR).