Tulsa University, USA

Agent Vi Cuts Investigation Times & Enhances Security at

Tulsa University

“The real-time detections, together with the automatic search which makes searching across a wide expanse and numerous cameras so simple, responded to our needs. Combined with the high detection success and low false alarm rate, we have greatly improved our level of security and become much more efficient in the field of investigating surveillance video.”

Assistant Director of Security Technology & Card Services, Tulsa University


The University of Tulsa (TU) offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to nearly 5,000 students. With multiple buildings and facilities across the campus, TU sought a surveillance solution that would monitor key areas and protect valuable artwork, among other assets. The security team specifically wanted the ability to quickly search through recorded video to identify events of interest.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection and Video Search software are deployed at TU, integrated with hundreds of network cameras from Axis Communications. All the cameras feed to a central dispatch room manned 24/7 by security operators. The site employs OnSSI’s Ocularis CS as the VMS, and detections of suspicious objects, perimeter intrusions, sterile zone breaches and other security events generate an alert in Ocularis Client.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection software transformed the surveillance system into a proactive tool that alerts security operators when an artwork is tampered with, or a suspicious object is left behind. Instant video notification enables security staff to view the event and dispatch an officer accordingly. TU also employs Agent Vi’s Video Search to reduce time spent searching through recorded video during time-sensitive investigations.

Wirsol Solar Farms, United Kingdom

Agent Vi Protects Large, Remote Solar Farms Against Intrusion and Theft

“We were pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits of IP surveillance over analog systems. The use of thermal cameras with Agent Vi’s real-time analytics software is especially appropriate, as our large sites do not have lighting and are difficult to guard. We have peace of mind with this sophisticated solution that protects our investment.”

Project Manager, Wirsol Solar UK


Wirsol Solar UK is a globally active company with multiple solar farms throughout the UK. They sought an affordable surveillance solution for four 5-megawatt solar farms, each measuring some 200,000 square meters. Specifically, Wirsol wanted to prevent intruders from entering and stealing the highly valuable solar panels, and faced challenging conditions at the sites, including extensive perimeters that are unmanned, not illuminated, and situated in remote, rural locations.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was deployed, integrated with thermal network cameras from Axis Communications. The combined solution enabled the creation of a protective zone around the perimeter fence to detect intruders by day or night, regardless of whether they climbed over the fence, under the fence, or even cut directly through the fence. All perimeter intrusions detected generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution has detected multiple instances of intruders at the solar farm sites, generating an alarm which is viewed by a security guard at a remote monitoring station. The guard makes an announcement via the speakers at the site to warn off the intruder, and if necessary, instructs police to attend the site. The solution successfully differentiates between irrelevant movement and genuine perimeter breaches, ensuring a very low false alarm rate (FAR).

Palais des congres de Montreal, Canada

Agent Vi Enhances Security and Safety at Montreal’s Convention Center

“With over 400 events annually, we face risks and physical security threats to our building and guests on a daily basis. We looked for a solution that would allow us to increase our level of security and safety without employing additional security staff. We chose Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution to automate the task of monitoring our surveillance system and this has dramatically improved our response rate, allowing us to act rapidly as the incident unfolds.”

Associate Director of Security & Building Services, Palais des congrès


The Palais des congrès de Montréal (convention center) is an exceptional venue boasting a unique architectural facade of rainbow colored glass panels. With buildings covering 1.4 million square feet, security and safety are major factors to consider. The Palais des congrès therefore sought a solution to protect the facilities as well as provide a safe and secure environment for the guests at the multiple events occurring simultaneously at this vast site.


After receiving recommendations for Agent Vi from other sites of similar size and purpose, the Palais des congrès chose Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution. More than half the site’s cameras were enabled with analytics capabilities by connecting them to Axis video encoders. Real-time events are transmitted to Genetec Omnicast, the site’s VMS which is fully integrated with Agent Vi’s products, and associated with user-defined custom events.


The security team now has much greater awareness and enhanced ability to respond to concerns and incidents, providing a more secure environment for guests and staff. The video analytics generates alerts when: a person enters through the exit doors, a suspicious object is left behind, an unauthorized vehicle enters the car park, and more. Agent Vi’s people-counting capabilities also allow the security team to know when maximum room capacity is reached.

ASO Siderurgica, Italy

Agent Vi Detects Perimeter Intrusions and Unauthorized Movement at High-Value Manufacturing Sites

“We are more than satisfied with the performance of Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution. The security at our sites has been upgraded significantly, and this was achieved through integration with the cameras and video management software in our surveillance system…”

Information Technology Manager, ASO Siderurgica


ASO Siderurgica is an established, Italian steel producer. The company sought a surveillance solution for three manufacturing facilities. Each site covers 36,000 to 70,000 sq. m. and hosts valuable manufacturing machinery. Due to the threat of break-ins, unauthorized entry and theft, they sought to monitor and secure the sites around the clock, and especially during the night hours and on weekends when there is a smaller staff presence.


A best-of-breed solution was employed, combining real-time video analytics from Agent Vi, IP cameras from Axis Communications and a recording and viewing application from Genetec. The cameras were placed around the sites’ perimeters and at critical junctions at each site. All perimeter intrusions and sterile zone breaches detected by Agent Vi generate an alert, allowing the security operator to understand the threat in real-time and dispatch the appropriate security response.


The solution deployed at these manufacturing facilities has ensured a superior level of surveillance for ASO Siderurgica. Immediately after installation, the security team started receiving detections of unauthorized people and cars at the sites. With the instant display of the intruders’ movement paths in the Genetec Live Viewer, the company security team now operates at an optimal level.

KDL Trans, Belgium

Agent Vi Protects Major Logistics Enterprise Site Against Perimeter Breaches

“We are very happy with Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution. The seamless integration with our Axis thermal cameras offers excellent detection rates at all times of day, and in all lighting conditions… The real-time alerts generated… and sent to the monitoring station have allowed us to decrease the number of security guards stationed around the perimeter, effectively cutting our costs without lowering our level of security.”

Operations Manager, KDL Trans


KDL Trans is a globally-oriented logistics provider, based out of an extensive, new facility close to Brussels airport that is home to some 100 trucks and vans, loading docks, storage warehouses, sorting areas and more. KDL Trans sought to provide the highest level of security at the new premises, and required a perimeter detection solution that connected with its monitoring station, to cut down guard costs on weekends when the site is less busy.


KDL Trans deployed Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution, integrated with Axis thermal cameras to respond to the challenging environmental conditions. Together with Agent Vi’s analytics, the thermal cameras offer excellent range and deliver highly accurate detection results. Milestone XProtect® Professional is employed as the VMS recording and viewing application, with alerts generated by Agent Vi’s analytics displayed in the Smart Client.


The level of security has been increased through early intrusion detection. This added layer of security has helped KDL Trans’ efforts to build business relations with new and existing clients, as they point to the superior level of security offered at their site. Furthermore, the real-time alerts sent to the monitoring station have enabled a decrease in the number of security guards stationed around the perimeter, effectively cutting costs without lowering the level of security.

Scott County Jail, USA

Agent Vi Brings Security to a New Level at Scott County Jail

“Within minutes of launching Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution, the software identified 3 analog cameras that were not delivering acceptable video stream to the Axis encoders. We would not have picked up this problem so quickly without Agent Vi’s VQM (video quality monitoring) capability – a built-in feature of Agent Vi’s solutions.”

Jail Administrator, Scott County Jail


Scott County Jail is a full service facility which includes 160 cells housing sentence and pre-trial offenders. The facility has a secure tunnel connecting the Jail to the Scott County Justice Center. The jail sought a real-time video analytics solution to detect unauthorized people in restricted zones, in an effort to overcome the challenges presented by such a large site and avoid the need for a large number of staff physically patrolling the restricted zones.


Scott County Jail enabled Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution on some 90 cameras at the facility, by embedding the Vi-Agent component in the Axis encoders that stream video from the analog cameras. Agent Vi’s distributed analytics architecture enabled the use of a single analytics server to handle all 90 cameras. There is full integration with the jail’s VMS recording and viewing application, Milestone XProtect Corporate, enabling events generated by Agent Vi’s detections to be sent to Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client for display.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection software alerts corrections staff immediately to breaches of defined secure zones, allowing them to decide – as the event occurs – how to best respond to the incident. Such alerts have proven to be much more effective than visual monitoring of screens in the master control station by Corrections staff. The solution is considered an integral component of Scott County Jail’s surveillance system, with the Corrections Officers finding it easy to use.


Spyke Security, The Netherlands

Agent Vi Empowers ‘Spyke Security’ to Streamline Monitoring Service

“We chose Agent Vi’s real-time analytics because it is the most cost-effective solution on the market. Due to Agent Vi’s open architecture approach, we did not have to adapt or replace any components of our existing surveillance system. Moreover, the solution offered us maximum flexibility to work with a wide range of edge device vendors, applying different analytics rules to both fixed and PTZ cameras.”

Managing Director, Spyke Security


Spyke Security offers remote monitoring through their Command & Control Center in Alkmaar, Holland. The staff monitors several hundred cameras, 24/7, and accordingly Spyke Security sought a real-time video analytics solution that could be installed at its most sensitive sites in order to automatically detect and alert to incidents and events. Rather than relying on human observation alone, Spyke Security wanted to offer its customers an enhanced option which offers superior detection capabilities.


Spyke Security deployed Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software at multiple sites, integrated with various Axis network cameras and the Milestone XProtect Enterprise recording system. Various analytics rules were defined in line with the threat assessment for the individual sites including to detect unauthorized personnel entering / moving in restricted areas, to detect persons behaving suspiciously (stopping numerous times, delaying) and to detect vehicles that stop in sensitive no-stopping zones.


As a result of the automatic detections made by Agent Vi’s software, and the audio and visual alarms triggered, Spyke’s guards are immediately aware of any security breaches, incidents and suspicious behavior occurring at their sites, allowing real-time responses to the events. In one case, Spyke Security notified police to the entry of an intruder at a vacant construction site that they secure, following an automatic detection by Agent Vi’s software. The surprised thief was apprehended by the police.

NEC (National Exhibition Centre), UK

The NEC Looks to Unified Security for Major Technology Upgrade

“We were looking for an IP-based, open-architecture system that would be able to integrate with our other systems. We needed every system to be scalable, as we didn’t want to be tied down again in the future and above all, we wanted our platform to be very user friendly.”

Security & Traffic Operations Manager, NEC Group


The NEC (National Exhibition Centre), located in Birmingham, is the largest exhibition centre in the UK. With more than 186,000 square metres of covered exhibition space, the venue welcomes around 2.1 million visitors each year, and is committed to providing them with the highest level of safety and customer service.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software is integrated with Genetec Security Center, thereby allowing real-time detections of security and safety incidents by providing alerts in the Venue Operations Centre client. Other third-party intrusion detection systems and intercom systems are also running within the unified security platform.


The video analytics is seamlessly integrated to provide an additional layer of security at the site. Agent Vi’s real-time solution generates alerts when pre-defined security breaches occur. These alerts are followed up by the security staff on site, who may dispatch guards in line with the threat level perceived.

Telkom, South Africa

Agent Vi Delivers Footfall Data and Statistics at Telkom South Africa Stores

“The ability of Agent Vi’s solution to dispatch reports to particular key players without human intervention is noteworthy. In an instant, the reports are sent to multiple key decision makers from within the Marketing Department and Operations Department, and even to Store Managers.”

Project Manager, Telkom


Telkom is South Africa’s largest integrated telecommunications company. With over 400 stores serving their customers in South Africa, Telkom sought a people counting solution with a comprehensive reporting structure to analyze footfall trends across the stores. They required accurate data regarding the number of people entering the stores across different time periods vs. revenue generated, to shed light on customer behavior at the stores.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software was deployed, integrated with IP cameras from Axis Communications. At each Telkom site, 1-2 cameras were installed and enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution to undertake people counting. As people counting draws the most accurate results when undertaken by cameras with a tilt angle of 90 degrees, the cameras were installed directly above the entrances / exits.


Agent Vi’s people counting solution provides valuable data regarding the number of customers in each store. A daily footfall report is generated in each store, supplying management with important information about customer numbers and trends. The data allows Telkom to measure the effectiveness of their monetary investment in different campaigns. The footfall reports also provide the Operations Department with a better understanding of customer behavior and the flow of people in the Telkom stores.

The Strand at Coolangatta, Australia

Agent Vi Provides Footfall Statistics and Business Insights to The Strand at Coolangatta Shopping Center

“Agent Vi’s video analytics solution provides an accurate measurement of people movement which gives our Marketing Manager the analytical capacity to develop plans to drive retail within our facility… savVi’s Business Intelligence application provides additional features for traffic flow analysis including heat maps and target paths, which allow us to align our services and support to control risk and meet the center’s security and operational demands.”

Operations Manager, The Strand at Coolangatta


The Strand at Coolangatta is a shopping center of 32,000 sq. meters comprising boutiques and shops, two levels of office space, and two levels of underground parking for customers. The Strand at Coolangatta sought to upgrade their surveillance system to support security, safety and insurance challenges, and sought a video analytics solution to shed light on footfall statistics and traffic at the site.


savVi, Agent Vi’s unified video analytics solution, was deployed. Nearly 30 cameras at the site, specifically those above the facility’s entrance and exit points and along the street-front shop entrances, are analyzed by savVi’s Business Intelligence capabilities which extract data from surveillance video for automated statistical analysis. The site employs Milestone’s XProtect® Professional as their VMS recording and viewing application, which is fully integrated with savVi.


The management team has access to data regarding the number of people entering and exiting the complex, enabling planning of security procedures and promotional activities. There is understanding of numbers of shoppers present on each floor at any time, allowing management of insurance concerns related to maximum occupancy limits. The video feeds analyzed by savVi also offer valuable information indicating dwell time of customers in the window displays and traffic into stores.