Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF), Thailand

Agent Vi Helps RTAF Detect and Alert to Persons in Aircraft-Only Zones

“We needed the highest performance real-time analytics solution due to the sensitive nature of the site. After thorough research and investigations, we chose Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution, recognizing its robust performance in difficult conditions.”

Director of Security Division, RTAF Directorate of Intelligence


Don Muang Air Base, adjacent to Bangkok’s International Airport, is the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) main operating and command base. The RTAF sought a real-time video analytics solution to detect human movement on the landing strip while ignoring aircraft movement, and to detect stationary vehicles in the no-stopping zones around the airport’s perimeter fence.


Some 32 channels were enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert capabilities, providing the RTAF with superior detection capabilities for the Don Muang Air Base. Automatic rules were enabled to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel entering and moving freely in restricted areas (landing strips) and to detect vehicles that stop in no-stopping zones near the base’s perimeter.


Agent Vi’s analytics has greatly enhanced the level of security available at Don Muang Air Base. Rather than observing monitors and occasionally detecting suspicious incidents, the security staff focuses on responding to the security breaches following automatic detections and alerts. The automatic detections are made under challenging environmental conditions including lack of lighting, and significant distance between camera and detection area.

Iberia Airlines, Spain

Agent Vi Boosts Airport Security for Spain’s Iberia Airlines

“Moving to an all IP-based solution required that we look for a highly-scalable video analytics offering that would allow us to deploy hundreds of cameras while eliminating the need for additional server hardware and keeping operational costs down. Agent Vi’s software allowed us to do that, and the analytics have performed extremely well despite the challenging outdoor environment near a busy airport.”

Security Manager, Iberia Airlines


Spain’s largest airline, Iberia Airlines, has a 200,000 sq. meter facility at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport. In the wake of a terrorist attack at the airport, which killed 2 people and injured 26 others, Iberia Airlines sought to heighten security, improve safety in aircraft-only areas, and prevent theft in its facilities.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was installed, and set up to detect the presence of unauthorized personnel or vehicles in secure zones such as the runways. It also detects people and/or vehicle intrusion into restricted zones, such as the hangars, warehouses, computer rooms, fuel storage depots and other buildings.


Agent Vi’s real-time, automatic detections have resulted in more effective surveillance, managed centrally from the security team’s headquarters, without the need for regular site patrols. Agent Vi successfully generates alerts for targets moving inside user-defined areas, entering or exiting closed areas, and crossing virtual lines, without alerting to passing aircraft and trucks in the same areas.

North Hennepin Community Center (NHCC), USA

Agent Vi Revolutionizes Search through Stored Surveillance Video at North Hennepin Community College

“The query tools provided by Agent Vi’s video search solution have allowed us to slash our investigation times. In addition to the significant savings in resource hours, Agent Vi’s solution has helped to expose valuable information about events happening around campus, which were previously recorded but never viewed by anyone due to the lack of appropriate review tools.”

Director of Safety & Security, NHCC


North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) is located on a 97-acre campus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA, and serves more than 15,000 students. With flexible evening and weekend scheduling, the security team must be alert around the clock. Therefore, NHCC sought an automated solution, to speed up the review of video captured by the surveillance system and more rapidly search stored footage containing campus incidents.


NHCC deployed Agent Vi’s video search solution integrated with fixed, dome and PTZ cameras from Axis Communications. All 60 cameras onsite are enabled with video analytics capabilities that allow rapid forensic search, investigation and business intelligence. The integration with Milestone XProtect Corporate enables video to be pulled from the video management system for forensic investigations. Video clips are easily exported as stand-alone files for passing on to law enforcement agencies.


Agent Vi’s video search capabilities have revolutionized NHCC’s forensic searches. Previously, security officers browsed through all the recorded video which was time-consuming. Now, the security officer defines parameters such as time, location, behavior and clothing color, and the video analytics solution undertakes a quick, automatic search which presents thumbnail results. A quick review of those search results allows the security officer to select the video segment associated with the incident.

Carillon City shopping centre, Australia

Agent Vi’s Retail Solution Maximizes Business & Marketing Opportunities for Carillon City Shopping Centre

“The ability to accurately see where and what people are doing throughout the mall gives management a greater capacity to cater for customer and tenant needs… Agent Vi’s retail analytics delivers a significant amount of data on customer behavior, which has proven to be of great importance to our marketing and operations departments… The investigation capabilities of the software were an added value for us, allowing our security officers to manage security and safety incidents in real-time.”

Operations Manager, Carillon City shopping centre


Located in Perth, Australia, Carillon City shopping centre offers 11,760 square meters of a vibrant retail experience, with over 130 specialty stores. Carillon City sought to gain a greater understanding of customer traffic, to share such information with their 130+ tenants and grasp the impact of their marketing campaigns. Their main concern was understanding the exact number of visitors overall, as well as the breakdown of customers per hour, day and more.


Agent Vi’s retail solution was deployed, integrated with Ocularis video management system from OnSSI, allowing for analysis of video feeds from the 80+ cameras on site. Carillon City employs Agent Vi’s people counting capability for accurate footfall statistics, Heat Map & Site Map to understand “hot zones”, Target Path to identify dominant customer traffic paths, Advanced Statistical Tool for comprehensive statistics reports about customer activity, and forensic investigation capabilities for rapid investigations of security incidents.


A wide range of analytics features were introduced, helping management to better understand customer activity, measure the impact of marketing campaigns and provide important feedback for tenants (retailers). The footfall data provides management with accurate visitor numbers to pass on to tenants, helping to support ROI decisions of existing/potential tenants. Agent Vi’s retail solution also serves important security needs, with the forensic investigation tool used to locate lost/missing children in the mall.

Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey

Agent Vi Analytics Alerts Turkey’s Dolmabahçe Palace to Security Irregularities

“With Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics, we gain unsurpassed detection capabilities and scheduling flexibility without requiring us to change existing hardware or purchase additional equipment. As we looked to address a variety of detection and security requirements, we found that Agent Vi is uniquely positioned to deliver a solution that not only meets our multifaceted needs today but positioned us for future applications.”

IT Director, Dolmabahçe Palace & the National Palaces of Turkey


Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the largest national museums in Turkey, and tens of thousands of tourists visit annually. The Palace Authority required a video analytics solution that would automatically alert palace security operators to irregular behavior in any of the palace’s monitored rooms, in order to protect its priceless exhibits. Recognizing the value of the exhibits, the solution had to offer the highest possible detection performance.


The palace’s existing infrastructure of network cameras from Axis Communications was enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution to detect unauthorized personnel entering and moving freely in restricted areas, objects left unattended, persons loitering in close proximity to the exhibits, crowding, and the removal of valuable articles such as wall paintings and freestanding sculptures.


With the introduction of Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics, the surveillance network of Dolmabahçe Palace has been significantly enhanced. The security team is alerted in real-time to any irregularities within the site, including tampering with the exhibits and entry into the restricted access zones. The detections and alerts enabled by Agent Vi ensure better security for Dolmabahçe Palace’s priceless collections.

Mt. QingCheng National Park, China

Agent Vi Enhances Security and Safety at Mt. QingCheng, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

“Agent Vi’s real-time analytics has decreased our reliance on manual labor and observation, and thereby improved our operational efficiency and cut costs. We now have a higher level of surveillance and require fewer security staff… we receive automatic alerts when there are unauthorized entries into the park. This is much more effective than relying on human observation. Also, it is much more efficient to receive counting statistics automatically than relying on security staff with manual counters.”

Executive Director, Mt. QingCheng


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Mount QingCheng National Park, in Sichuan, China, is home to the Dujiangyan irrigation system and Anlan Bridge. It is imperative to keep track of the 10 million annual visitors entering the park, and ensure their security and safety. Furthermore, park management sought to monitor the entry of visitors to the park through prohibited forest trails, and to measure the traffic of people on Anlan Bridge to prevent overloading.


Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software was deployed to monitor the expansive grounds and oversee visitor traffic. The national park’s security staff is alerted immediately to unauthorized entry of visitors and to traffic over specific thresholds, allowing instant responses and deployment of staff as necessary. The integration with Milestone XProtect software allows Agent Vi to retrieve live video streams from the IP cameras and to perform the analytics.


The introduction of Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution significantly increases the level of security, safety and operational efficiency at the vast grounds of Mt. QingCheng National Park. Agent Vi’s real-time solution eliminates the need for manual surveillance, providing automated alerts when intruders are detected in the prohibited areas. Once a real-time alert is received, security guards are dispatched to deal with these unauthorized entries.

Smet-Boring, Belgium

Agent Vi Protects Leading Underground Infrastructure Enterprise Against Theft

“We had a few vulnerable spots at the site that were causing a nuisance, and after some testing, it was clear that Agent Vi’s analytics, combined with thermal and PTZ cameras from Axis, delivers the best solution… With Agent Vi’s detections, the immediate display of intruders’ movement paths, and the sharp decrease in false alarms, our security team now operates at an optimal level.”

Facility Manager, Smet-Boring


Smet-Boring is a family-owned business with more than 450 employees specializing in underground infrastructure techniques. Based out of a 90,000 square meter site in Dessel, Belgium, Smet-Boring sought a way to enhance their surveillance system and ensure broader coverage of the site, without having to increase their manpower. Of most interest was the detection and tracking of unauthorized people at the site after-hours and on weekends.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was enabled on various network camera types from Axis Communications, including on thermal cameras to overcome challenging environmental conditions, including extensive outdoor areas that have limited illumination. Smet-Boring employs Milestone XProtect® Professional as their VMS recording and viewing application, and incidents detected by Agent Vi’s software generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.


The best-of-breed solution delivers a sophisticated, highly accurate detection system for sterile zone monitoring. As the main security concern is detection of intruders after-hours, Agent Vi’s Rule Management tool is employed, allowing automatic activation of detection rules at pre-defined times. Combined with Axis thermal cameras, Agent Vi’s solution provides highly accurate detection results in remote areas, without increasing manpower costs or requiring staff to patrol the site.

Stephen S. Wise Temple & Schools, USA

Agent Vi Monitors Stephen S. Wise Temple & Schools’ Perimeter

“Agent Vi offers a fantastic technology, enabling us to cover more ground and make our campus safer. Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution allows for a more effective and efficient utilization of staff, as our security guards receive alerts and then deal with the incidents, rather than sitting in the Security Operations Center and simply watching the video stream in the hope of spotting security breaches.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen S. Wise Temple and Schools


Stephen S. Wise Temple and Schools, one of the largest American, Reform Jewish congregations with close to 1,700 children in its schools, has a campus encompassing an Early Childhood Center, an Elementary School, a Religious School, and two additional campuses housing its High School and Middle School. It is imperative to keep track of movement in critical areas of this large campus, so that the security team can identify security or safety incidents as they emerge, and effectively deploy and respond.


The Temple and Schools have taken a proactive approach in deploying a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, and Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software is an integral part of the system. The security staff is alerted to threats and security breaches on the campus as they unfold, allowing for instant responses and deployment of staff as necessary. The video analytics has been integrated into the surveillance infrastructure, which is overseen by a 24-hour Security Operations Center.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution significantly enhances the level of campus security. Agent Vi’s software has detected a number of instances where individuals have entered unauthorized areas. In these cases, security staff has been able to address the breaches immediately. Furthermore, the automatic detections reduce the need for constant observation of the live video stream, and as a result, fewer people can effectively monitor a far greater number of locations, greatly reducing operational costs while improving security.