Smet-Boring, Belgium

Agent Vi Protects Leading Underground Infrastructure Enterprise Against Theft

“We had a few vulnerable spots at the site that were causing a nuisance, and after some testing, it was clear that Agent Vi’s analytics, combined with thermal and PTZ cameras from Axis, delivers the best solution… With Agent Vi’s detections, the immediate display of intruders’ movement paths, and the sharp decrease in false alarms, our security team now operates at an optimal level.”

Facility Manager, Smet-Boring


Smet-Boring is a family-owned business with more than 450 employees specializing in underground infrastructure techniques. Based out of a 90,000 square meter site in Dessel, Belgium, Smet-Boring sought a way to enhance their surveillance system and ensure broader coverage of the site, without having to increase their manpower. Of most interest was the detection and tracking of unauthorized people at the site after-hours and on weekends.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was enabled on various network camera types from Axis Communications, including on thermal cameras to overcome challenging environmental conditions, including extensive outdoor areas that have limited illumination. Smet-Boring employs Milestone XProtect® Professional as their VMS recording and viewing application, and incidents detected by Agent Vi’s software generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.


The best-of-breed solution delivers a sophisticated, highly accurate detection system for sterile zone monitoring. As the main security concern is detection of intruders after-hours, Agent Vi’s Rule Management tool is employed, allowing automatic activation of detection rules at pre-defined times. Combined with Axis thermal cameras, Agent Vi’s solution provides highly accurate detection results in remote areas, without increasing manpower costs or requiring staff to patrol the site.