Cherokee Nation Entertainment, USA

Agent Vi Provides Rapid Video Search Capabilities to Enhance Operator Efficiency for Cherokee Nation Entertainment

“It was savVi’s swift and effective video search that caught Cherokee Nation Entertainment’s attention when searching for an enhanced security solution, in particular due to the automated query ability. We have been extremely impressed with savVi’s capabilities and the quality of its performance, and fully expect savVi to increase efficiencies and provide true ROI which will have a major impact on the bottom line.”

Director of Surveillance and Technology, Cherokee Nation Entertainment


Cherokee Nation Entertainment (CNE) is the gaming and hospitality arm of the Cherokee Nation, operating multiple casinos and hotels across northeast Oklahoma, USA. CNE sought to reduce the time it took to review security footage, so their security team could remain focused on proactive tasks, and optimize their day-to-day efficiency. CNE also wanted to obtain and assess accurate data on occupancy and visitor trends for business intelligence purposes.


CNE selected savVi, Agent Vi’s on-premise video analytics solution. Over 1,000 savVi licenses were purchased, allowing cameras at CNE’s ten Oklahoma-based casinos to be enabled with different combinations of real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence capabilities. CNE utilizes the video search capability most widely – to enable rapid search through the surveillance video to pinpoint events of interest – and therefore video search capabilities are enabled on most cameras.


The casinos need to be able to swiftly locate specific events within masses of footage, allowing verification of personal injury claims by customers who may be trying to defraud the casino. Previously, the security team’s time was heavily occupied by observing hours of footage. savVi now enables CNE to run the search automatically, allowing far more effective use of the operators’ time, and reduced search time from as much as 16 hours for a single search, down to a matter of minutes.

Palais des congres de Montreal, Canada

Agent Vi Enhances Security and Safety at Montreal’s Convention Center

“With over 400 events annually, we face risks and physical security threats to our building and guests on a daily basis. We looked for a solution that would allow us to increase our level of security and safety without employing additional security staff. We chose Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution to automate the task of monitoring our surveillance system and this has dramatically improved our response rate, allowing us to act rapidly as the incident unfolds.”

Associate Director of Security & Building Services, Palais des congrès


The Palais des congrès de Montréal (convention center) is an exceptional venue boasting a unique architectural facade of rainbow colored glass panels. With buildings covering 1.4 million square feet, security and safety are major factors to consider. The Palais des congrès therefore sought a solution to protect the facilities as well as provide a safe and secure environment for the guests at the multiple events occurring simultaneously at this vast site.


After receiving recommendations for Agent Vi from other sites of similar size and purpose, the Palais des congrès chose Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution. More than half the site’s cameras were enabled with analytics capabilities by connecting them to Axis video encoders. Real-time events are transmitted to Genetec Omnicast, the site’s VMS which is fully integrated with Agent Vi’s products, and associated with user-defined custom events.


The security team now has much greater awareness and enhanced ability to respond to concerns and incidents, providing a more secure environment for guests and staff. The video analytics generates alerts when: a person enters through the exit doors, a suspicious object is left behind, an unauthorized vehicle enters the car park, and more. Agent Vi’s people-counting capabilities also allow the security team to know when maximum room capacity is reached.

NEC (National Exhibition Centre), UK

The NEC Looks to Unified Security for Major Technology Upgrade

“We were looking for an IP-based, open-architecture system that would be able to integrate with our other systems. We needed every system to be scalable, as we didn’t want to be tied down again in the future and above all, we wanted our platform to be very user friendly.”

Security & Traffic Operations Manager, NEC Group


The NEC (National Exhibition Centre), located in Birmingham, is the largest exhibition centre in the UK. With more than 186,000 square metres of covered exhibition space, the venue welcomes around 2.1 million visitors each year, and is committed to providing them with the highest level of safety and customer service.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software is integrated with Genetec Security Center, thereby allowing real-time detections of security and safety incidents by providing alerts in the Venue Operations Centre client. Other third-party intrusion detection systems and intercom systems are also running within the unified security platform.


The video analytics is seamlessly integrated to provide an additional layer of security at the site. Agent Vi’s real-time solution generates alerts when pre-defined security breaches occur. These alerts are followed up by the security staff on site, who may dispatch guards in line with the threat level perceived.