Scott County Jail, USA

Agent Vi Brings Security to a New Level at Scott County Jail

“Within minutes of launching Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution, the software identified 3 analog cameras that were not delivering acceptable video stream to the Axis encoders. We would not have picked up this problem so quickly without Agent Vi’s VQM (video quality monitoring) capability – a built-in feature of Agent Vi’s solutions.”

Jail Administrator, Scott County Jail


Scott County Jail is a full service facility which includes 160 cells housing sentence and pre-trial offenders. The facility has a secure tunnel connecting the Jail to the Scott County Justice Center. The jail sought a real-time video analytics solution to detect unauthorized people in restricted zones, in an effort to overcome the challenges presented by such a large site and avoid the need for a large number of staff physically patrolling the restricted zones.


Scott County Jail enabled Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution on some 90 cameras at the facility, by embedding the Vi-Agent component in the Axis encoders that stream video from the analog cameras. Agent Vi’s distributed analytics architecture enabled the use of a single analytics server to handle all 90 cameras. There is full integration with the jail’s VMS recording and viewing application, Milestone XProtect Corporate, enabling events generated by Agent Vi’s detections to be sent to Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client for display.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection software alerts corrections staff immediately to breaches of defined secure zones, allowing them to decide – as the event occurs – how to best respond to the incident. Such alerts have proven to be much more effective than visual monitoring of screens in the master control station by Corrections staff. The solution is considered an integral component of Scott County Jail’s surveillance system, with the Corrections Officers finding it easy to use.