Mt. QingCheng National Park, China

Agent Vi Enhances Security and Safety at Mt. QingCheng, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

“Agent Vi’s real-time analytics has decreased our reliance on manual labor and observation, and thereby improved our operational efficiency and cut costs. We now have a higher level of surveillance and require fewer security staff… we receive automatic alerts when there are unauthorized entries into the park. This is much more effective than relying on human observation. Also, it is much more efficient to receive counting statistics automatically than relying on security staff with manual counters.”

Executive Director, Mt. QingCheng


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Mount QingCheng National Park, in Sichuan, China, is home to the Dujiangyan irrigation system and Anlan Bridge. It is imperative to keep track of the 10 million annual visitors entering the park, and ensure their security and safety. Furthermore, park management sought to monitor the entry of visitors to the park through prohibited forest trails, and to measure the traffic of people on Anlan Bridge to prevent overloading.


Agent Vi’s real-time detection and alert software was deployed to monitor the expansive grounds and oversee visitor traffic. The national park’s security staff is alerted immediately to unauthorized entry of visitors and to traffic over specific thresholds, allowing instant responses and deployment of staff as necessary. The integration with Milestone XProtect software allows Agent Vi to retrieve live video streams from the IP cameras and to perform the analytics.


The introduction of Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution significantly increases the level of security, safety and operational efficiency at the vast grounds of Mt. QingCheng National Park. Agent Vi’s real-time solution eliminates the need for manual surveillance, providing automated alerts when intruders are detected in the prohibited areas. Once a real-time alert is received, security guards are dispatched to deal with these unauthorized entries.