Telkom, South Africa

Agent Vi Delivers Footfall Data and Statistics at Telkom South Africa Stores

“The ability of Agent Vi’s solution to dispatch reports to particular key players without human intervention is noteworthy. In an instant, the reports are sent to multiple key decision makers from within the Marketing Department and Operations Department, and even to Store Managers.”

Project Manager, Telkom


Telkom is South Africa’s largest integrated telecommunications company. With over 400 stores serving their customers in South Africa, Telkom sought a people counting solution with a comprehensive reporting structure to analyze footfall trends across the stores. They required accurate data regarding the number of people entering the stores across different time periods vs. revenue generated, to shed light on customer behavior at the stores.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software was deployed, integrated with IP cameras from Axis Communications. At each Telkom site, 1-2 cameras were installed and enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution to undertake people counting. As people counting draws the most accurate results when undertaken by cameras with a tilt angle of 90 degrees, the cameras were installed directly above the entrances / exits.


Agent Vi’s people counting solution provides valuable data regarding the number of customers in each store. A daily footfall report is generated in each store, supplying management with important information about customer numbers and trends. The data allows Telkom to measure the effectiveness of their monetary investment in different campaigns. The footfall reports also provide the Operations Department with a better understanding of customer behavior and the flow of people in the Telkom stores.