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Central Monitoring - I monitor and respond to alarms for systems that I install / someone else installs
Systems Integrator - I install video analytics solutions for my customers
End User - I need a video analytics solution for my own site/s


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To set up your IRIS+ account, you need to define your IRIS+ System Administrator. The Administrator will be able to add additional users within IRIS+.

IRIS+ Edge Options

The IRIS+ Edge is a device that connects ONVIF /RTSP fixed IP cameras from the cameras’ network to IRIS+ video analytics solution. You will need one device for your IRIS+ Trial, as follows:

  1. Purchase a pre-installed, pre-configured appliance from Irisity. You can find more information here, under IRIS+ Edge - Edge 10 Datasheet. After signing this form, an invoice for Irisity Edge 10 will be sent to you. Once paid, an Irisity Edge 10 appliance will be shipped to you, and you will receive a tracking number
  2. Provide your own compatible hardware. More information in the above mentioned link, under HW specification for testing

Trial Agreement for Irisity’s IRIS+ Cloud Service