ASO Siderurgica, Italy

Agent Vi Detects Perimeter Intrusions and Unauthorized Movement at High-Value Manufacturing Sites

“We are more than satisfied with the performance of Agent Vi’s real-time analytics solution. The security at our sites has been upgraded significantly, and this was achieved through integration with the cameras and video management software in our surveillance system…”

Information Technology Manager, ASO Siderurgica


ASO Siderurgica is an established, Italian steel producer. The company sought a surveillance solution for three manufacturing facilities. Each site covers 36,000 to 70,000 sq. m. and hosts valuable manufacturing machinery. Due to the threat of break-ins, unauthorized entry and theft, they sought to monitor and secure the sites around the clock, and especially during the night hours and on weekends when there is a smaller staff presence.


A best-of-breed solution was employed, combining real-time video analytics from Agent Vi, IP cameras from Axis Communications and a recording and viewing application from Genetec. The cameras were placed around the sites’ perimeters and at critical junctions at each site. All perimeter intrusions and sterile zone breaches detected by Agent Vi generate an alert, allowing the security operator to understand the threat in real-time and dispatch the appropriate security response.


The solution deployed at these manufacturing facilities has ensured a superior level of surveillance for ASO Siderurgica. Immediately after installation, the security team started receiving detections of unauthorized people and cars at the sites. With the instant display of the intruders’ movement paths in the Genetec Live Viewer, the company security team now operates at an optimal level.

KDL Trans, Belgium

Agent Vi Protects Major Logistics Enterprise Site Against Perimeter Breaches

“We are very happy with Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution. The seamless integration with our Axis thermal cameras offers excellent detection rates at all times of day, and in all lighting conditions… The real-time alerts generated… and sent to the monitoring station have allowed us to decrease the number of security guards stationed around the perimeter, effectively cutting our costs without lowering our level of security.”

Operations Manager, KDL Trans


KDL Trans is a globally-oriented logistics provider, based out of an extensive, new facility close to Brussels airport that is home to some 100 trucks and vans, loading docks, storage warehouses, sorting areas and more. KDL Trans sought to provide the highest level of security at the new premises, and required a perimeter detection solution that connected with its monitoring station, to cut down guard costs on weekends when the site is less busy.


KDL Trans deployed Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution, integrated with Axis thermal cameras to respond to the challenging environmental conditions. Together with Agent Vi’s analytics, the thermal cameras offer excellent range and deliver highly accurate detection results. Milestone XProtect® Professional is employed as the VMS recording and viewing application, with alerts generated by Agent Vi’s analytics displayed in the Smart Client.


The level of security has been increased through early intrusion detection. This added layer of security has helped KDL Trans’ efforts to build business relations with new and existing clients, as they point to the superior level of security offered at their site. Furthermore, the real-time alerts sent to the monitoring station have enabled a decrease in the number of security guards stationed around the perimeter, effectively cutting costs without lowering the level of security.