Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey

Agent Vi Analytics Alerts Turkey’s Dolmabahçe Palace to Security Irregularities

“With Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics, we gain unsurpassed detection capabilities and scheduling flexibility without requiring us to change existing hardware or purchase additional equipment. As we looked to address a variety of detection and security requirements, we found that Agent Vi is uniquely positioned to deliver a solution that not only meets our multifaceted needs today but positioned us for future applications.”

IT Director, Dolmabahçe Palace & the National Palaces of Turkey


Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the largest national museums in Turkey, and tens of thousands of tourists visit annually. The Palace Authority required a video analytics solution that would automatically alert palace security operators to irregular behavior in any of the palace’s monitored rooms, in order to protect its priceless exhibits. Recognizing the value of the exhibits, the solution had to offer the highest possible detection performance.


The palace’s existing infrastructure of network cameras from Axis Communications was enabled with Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution to detect unauthorized personnel entering and moving freely in restricted areas, objects left unattended, persons loitering in close proximity to the exhibits, crowding, and the removal of valuable articles such as wall paintings and freestanding sculptures.


With the introduction of Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics, the surveillance network of Dolmabahçe Palace has been significantly enhanced. The security team is alerted in real-time to any irregularities within the site, including tampering with the exhibits and entry into the restricted access zones. The detections and alerts enabled by Agent Vi ensure better security for Dolmabahçe Palace’s priceless collections.